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Paramparagat Krishi Vikas Yojana (PKVY)


Organic agriculture is a production of agricultural products free from chemicals and pesticides residues by adopting eco friendly low cost technologies “Parampragat Krishi Vikas Yojana”is an elaborated component of Soil Health Management (SHM) of National Mission of Sustainable Agriculture (NMSA). Under PKVY, Organic farming is promoted through adoption of organic village by cluster approach and PGS certification.

Organic Area Selection Criteria:

  1. The cluster chosen for Organic Farming shall be 50 acres in extent and in as contiguous a form as possible. Of the total number of farmers in a cluster, a minimum of 65% and marginal farmer should belong to the small categories. Thus minimum criteria of inclusion should as far as practicable be fulfilled at cluster level and where not possible, it should be satisfied at Mandal/Block/Taluka or District level.
  2. Organic Farming shall be promoted in such areas like hilly, tribal and also rainfed areas where utilization of chemical fertilizers and Pesticide is less.

Financial Assistance:

In order to facilitate this, the ceiling of subsidy that a farmer is eligible shall be a maximum of one hectare and the total financial assistance eligible for a 50 acre cluster shall be a maximum of Rs. 10(Ten) lakhs for farmer members and Rs. 4.95 lakh for mobilization and PGS Certification.

S. No. Component Pattern of Assistance
1 Adoption of PGS certification through cluster approach
    1st year 2nd year 3rd year
        I.              Mobilization of farmers/ local people to form cluster in 50 acre for PGS certification 1000    
      II.              Mobilization of farmers/ local people to form cluster in 50 acre for PGS certification 1000    
    III.              Training of cluster members on organic farming (3 trainings @ Rs.20000 per training) 6000    
  Total 8000 Rs


2 PGS Certification and Quality control
        I.              Training on PGS Certification in 2 days @ Rs.200 per LRP 400    
      II.              Training of Trainers (20) Lead Resource Persons @ Rs.250/day/cluster for 3 days   720  
    III.              Online Registration of farmer @ Rs.100 per member cluster x 50   5000 5000
    IV.              Soil sample collection and testing (21 samples/year/cluster) @ Rs.190 per sample for three years. 3990 3990 3990
      V.              Process documentation of conversion into organic methods, inputs used, cropping pattern followed, organic manures and fertilizer used etc., for PGS certification @ Rs.100 per member x 50 5000 5000 5000
    VI.              Inspection of fields of cluster member @ Rs.400/inspection x 3 (3 inspections will be done per cluster per year) 1200 1200 1200
  VII.              Residue analysis of samples in NABL (8 samples per year per cluster) @ Rs.10,000/- sample   80000 80000
VIII.              Certification Charges   2000  
    IX.              Administrative expenses for certification 26150 16900 16900
  Total (Yearly) 36740 114840 112090
  Overall Total


263670 Rs.

3 Action Plan for Organic Farming for one cluster
        I.              Conversion of land to organic @ Rs.1000/acre x 50 50000 50000 50000
      II.              Introduction of cropping system; Organic seed procurement or raising organic nursery @ Rs.500/acre/year x 50 acres 25000 25000 25000
    III.              Traditional organic Input Production Units like Pachagavya, Beejamruth and Jeevamruth etc. @ Rs. 1500/unit/acre x 50 acre 75000    
    IV.              Biological Nitrogen Harvest Planting (Gliricidia, Sesbania, etc.) @ Rs.2000/acre x 50 acre 50000 25000 25000
      V.              Botanical extracts production units Rs.1000/unit/acre x 50 acre 50000    
  Total (Yearly) 250000 100000 100000
  Overall Total


450000 Rs.

4 Integrated Manure Management
        I.              Liquid Bio-fertilizer consortia (Nitrogen fixing/ Phosphate Solubilizing/ potassium mobilizing bio-fertilizer) @ Rs.500/acre x 50 25000    
      II.              Liquid Biopesticides (Trichoderma viridae, Pseudomonas, fluorescens, Matarhizium, Beaviourie bassiana, Pacelomyces, verticillium ) 2 Rs.500/ acre x 50   25000  
    III.              Farmer can take up any natural pest control mechanism easily available in their local area @ Rs.500/acre x 50   25000  
    IV.              Phosphate Rich Organic Manure (PROM) as per specification given in FCO,1985 @ Rs.1000/acre x50 50000    
      V.              Vermi compost (size 7’x3’x1’) @Rs.5000/ unit x 50 250000    
  Total (Yearly) 325000 50000  
  Overall Total


375000 Rs.

5 Agricultural implements (As per SMAM guidelines):

i.Power tiller ii. Cono weeder iii. Paddy thresher iv. Furrow opener v. Sprayer vi. Rose can vii.Top Pan balance

15000 15000 15000
  Overall Total


45000 Rs.

6 Packing, Labelling and Branding or organic products of cluster
  Packing material with PGS logo + Hologram printing @ Rs.2500/ acre x 50   62500 62500
  Transportation of organic produce (f our wheeler, 1.5 tone load capacity) @Rs.120000 max. Assistance for 1 cluster   120000  
  Organic Fairs (Maximum assistance will be given @ 36330 per cluster)   36330  
  Total   218830 62500
  Overall Total


281330 Rs.


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