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LS worked 123% of scheduled time: Increase of productivity


  • The Parliament session concluded on Wednesday was one of the most productive in 15 years with Lok Sabha working for 123% of the scheduled time and Rajya Sabha for 101%.
  • In RS, 31% of the scheduled questions were answered orally which is the highest ever in the last 10 years, while in LS 22% questions were answered orally according to data collated by think tank PRS Legislative Research.


  • It has the highest instances of recorded voting in the past 15 years. Typically, bills are passed by voice vote in Parliament. However in the 16th LS, 17% of the bills were passed by recorded vote.
  • Another highlight was that no private members’ bill has been passed in either House in the last 47 years. In this session a private members’ bill mooted by Tirucha Siva giving equal rights to transgenders was unanimously passed by the RS.
  • In this session, one third of the bills introduced replaced ordinances. As compared to 39% ordinances replaced by bills in this session, previous session like the 14th LS session saw 11% bills replacing ordinances, while in the 15th LS the number was 8%.
  • 23 bills passed by both houses.


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