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Integrated Power Scheme to be launched in Varanasi


  • The Indian Prime Minister has launched Integrated Power Development Scheme (IPDS) on  28th June 2015 at Varanasi.
  • Government of India will provide budgetary support of Rs. 45,800 crore over the entire implementation period of IPDS.

Benefits :

  • It aims at strengthening of sub-transmission network, Metering, IT application, Customer Care Services, provisioning of solar panels.
  • It also focuses on the completion of the ongoing works of Restructured Accelerated Power Development and completion of the Reforms Programme (RAPDRP).
  • The Scheme includes up gradation of the electrical assets at Sub centers, lines and distribution transformers, capacity enhancement and renewal of the old sub stations and installation of roof-top solar panel in government buildings.
  • IPDS will help in reduction in AT&C losses; establishment of IT enabled energy accounting / auditing system, improvement in billed energy based on metered consumption and improvement in collection efficiency.

Source: Political Mirror

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