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Financial Assistance for Solar Irrigation System

In India, there are many places which do not have proper connectivity of electricity  .Due to this electric pump cannot be used for irrigation. We also know diesel price are also increasing day by day and this also made farmers weak in economic in the purpose in irrigation. Therefore the Government has initiated Solar Irrigation Scheme to sort out this problem.


  • To provide Loan for Solar Irrigation System.
  • Promotion of 30000 solar pumping systems per year in the country.


Eligible Institution-projects financed by all Commercial Banks, RRBs, State and District Central Cooperative Banks, SCARDBs  also NABARD  will be eligible to receive subsidy.

Eligible Borrowers-Individuals, group of individuals, SHGs, JLGs, NGOs, Farmers’ Clubs and Farmers Producers Organization will be eligible for subsidy.


  • Financial Assistance for setting up of Solar Irrigation System.

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