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About Us

Just like an iris controls the light levels inside the eye making it possible for us to see the outside world, The Indian Iris aims at shedding light on the ongoing initiatives, policies and schemes of the Government of India (GOI) and those of the State Governments. We believe that

an opportunity unknown is equal to an opportunity lost.

Therefore, our mission at The Indian Iris is to make every citizen of India fully aware of various policies, schemes, and the decisions taken by various ministries and departments.

We are building a comprehensive platform where you can find each policy and scheme of the governments at center or at the states that matches your needs. This shall include both welfare schemes such as scholarships, pensions, etc as well as business schemes such as subsidies, grants, loans and several others for Micro Small Medium Scale Enterprises (MSMEs).

The Indian Iris aspires to be your one stop solution for finding schemes that are relevant to you, your family, village, locality, community, or for your business.

For making it more useful for you, please do send your suggestions at [email protected].

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