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WhatsApp employed by Bengaluru police force to escalate weather eye


  • After having notched up almost a tenth of Bengalureans as followers on social media ,the Bengaluru Police are now set to create WhatsApp groups in individual police station limits, to step up vigilance and prevent crime.

Beat Constables

  • Beat constables,attached to police stations will create and manage WhatsApp groups.
  • There are 104 police stations in the city, and each station will have several beat constables, and the group managed by each such constable will have between 15 and 50 members depending on the population profile.
  • The groups share information about crimes and spread alerts.

Group and citizens

  • To be a part of a WhatsApp group, citizens can contact the police inspector concerned, and request for their addition to the group.
  • The inspector will ask the beat constable concerned to make the addition in the group.
  • The police have created WhatsApp groups, according to the ranks binding all of the Bengaluru City Police.


  • The idea of making such fragmented groups, is to step up the vigilance about suspicious activities, especially relating to terror and crimes.
  • DCP (Central) Sandeep Patil,said that the response for the WhatsApp initiative has been good in his division,which has 12 police stations and 30 groups.
  • The beat constables, he said, are taking this seriously and, most of them use smartphones.
  • K Devaraj, a beat police from SR Nagar police limits, said the WhatsApp group has indeed been very helpful.

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