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Vizag railway station to be WiFi-enabled soon


  •  The Vizag railwy station will be WiFi-enabled, Divisional Railway Manager Chandralekha Mukherjee has said.
  • Two more escalators and two lifts will soon be in place in the A-1 grade Visakhapatnam railway station.
  • On complaints of non-functioning of the existing two escalators, she attributed it to children playing with the red (stop) button and the escalators remaining in locked position.
  • Mukherjee appealed to the public not to allow their children to play with the red button. Reacting to the suggestion that a porter be stationed near the escalator, Ms. Mukherjee said there were employees to oversee the functioning of the escalator but they could not be expected to keep a watch round the clock.
  • Ms. Mukherjee said that inspection was already done for doubling of the Visakhapatnam – Kirandul line.
  • The Passenger Facilitation Fortnight, conducted by the Railways, concluded on Tuesday.
  • Recalling her interaction with passengers during her travel during the last two weeks at a media conference, Ms. Mukherjee said that passengers were facing problems due to overcrowding in the unreserved coaches.
  • There were also complaints about food going out of stock at the railway canteens at stations and eunuchs forcing passengers to give them money.
  • Action would be initiated to prevent harassment of passengers.

Source:The Hindu

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