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PC: www.iso.org
PC: www.iso.org

Upgrade Food Processing Units to ISO 22000 and ISO 9000

ISO Standards are necessary condition for improving the overall quality of food safety & hygiene in the country and also to increase India’s share in global food trade. This component of quality  assurance is intended to benefit stakeholders, including domestic industry, small and medium enterprises, food standards setting bodies and Government.


  • Motivate the food processing industries for adoption of food safety and quality assurance mechanisms such as TQM including ISO 9000, ISO 22000.
  • To enhance product acceptance by overseas buyers.
  • To keep Indian Industry Technologically abreast of International best practices.


  • Central and State Govt.Organisations.
  • IITs and Universities.
  • Private Sector are eligible.


  • Overall Product Acceptance.
  • Easy to export and import of goods.

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