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Telangana: Poly House Plan Scheme

Poly Houses are protected structures made up of GI pipes covered with polythene, used for cultivation of high value horticulture crops. The Government of Telangana has launched a scheme on establishment of Poly Houses in Telangana under State Plan Schemes through the Department of Horticulture.


  1. Enhancing productivity per unit area.
  2. Promotion of high value Horticulture crops under Poly houses.
  3. Year round production of flower & Vegetable crops.
  4. To cater to the needs of consumers in Hyderabad & entire state

Eligibility and Beneficiaries:

  • All the farmers of the State are eligible for setting poly house.
  • Beneficiaries are eligible up to minimum of 200 sq. mts and maximum of 3.00 acres and preferably small farmers with 0.5 to 1.0 acre area.
  • The farmers will be given choice for selection under empanelled companies and registered companies.


75% subsidy on unit cost for establishing poly house for vegetables and flowers, will be provided to the beneficiary.

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