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Tamil Nadu Chief Minister’s Farmers Security Scheme

 Tamil Nadu chief minister’s farmers security scheme came into force on September 10, 2011.Government have implemented this scheme for the agricultural laborers, farmers. This scheme provides distribution of cash assistance to the registered people under the various welfare schemes. People have to register for this scheme. There is no fee charged to register as a member.


  • To provide financial security for member’s family.
  • To give financial assistance to them, when they need the most, like marriage, death, etc
  • To make farmers financially independent.


  • Farmers and the agricultural laborers.
  • People who are associated with the agricultural activities.
  • Farmers and agricultural laborers who are from the state of Tamil Nadu.


  • To provide financial assistance for the marriage of the members or member’s children.
  • Provide an old age pension.
  • Financial assistance for natural death or accidental death of the members.
  • To Provide land to the poor farmers.


  • Age should be between 18 to 65 years.
  • Registered member’s Wife, son, parents, and husband will only get assistance from this scheme.
  • Those people who are related to the agricultural activities like-Horticulture, sericulture, cultivation, dairy farming, animal husbandry, growing trees, engaged in local fishing etc they only can apply for membership.

How to avail:

  Applicant can contact

        Commissioner of Land Reforms,Govt. Of Tamil Nadu

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