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Prawn Rearing Scheme: Uttar Pradesh

Prawn Rearing Scheme: Uttar Pradesh For the financial development of fishermen across the state, diversification of the fisheries is necessary. For this rearing of Freshwater Giant Prawns is encouraged around the state. Giant Prawns are very rich in nutrients, mineral salts, proteins and lower contents of fat. The demand of ...

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Panchayti Raj Policy: Uttar Pradesh

The Panchayti Raj policy of Uttar Pradesh aims to the complete the mission of PRIs through transfer of powers, functions, functionaries and funds. Proper execution of elections, to oversee the offices and official appointed are the major targets of this policy. Various schemes implemented by Panchayti Raj Instituitions (PRIs) are ...

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Silk Development in Uttar Pradesh

The development of any program needs strategical work out so that it may give positive results. Sericulture is encouraged in Uttar Pradesh to make people independent especially in the Naxal Affected Areas. Salient features of this are enlisted below: Development of Silkworm Host Plan: Establishment of Nursery Raising of Mulberry ...

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Award to Artisans: Uttar Pradesh Government

Objective: This award is to encourage the artisans of the state to develop creative artefacts. The splendid artisans are yearly awarded with a state level award by Uttar Pradesh Government. Government distributes financial aid and certification to extra ordinary works. Eligibility:                 All artisans and handicraftsman are eligible for the ...

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Potato Policy: Uttar Pradesh Government

Uttar Pradesh Potato Development Policy-2014 aims at creating favourable atmosphere for establishment of infrastructure facilities, capital investment and technology up gradation promotion, human resource development, market development, research and development promotion, quality and certification to ensure an increase in income through this main cash crop and ensuring availability of remunerative ...

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