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Scheme for girl child born after 1st April, 2015 “Ladli Beti”: Jammu Kashmir

Jammu & Kashmir Government announced this scheme “Ladli Beti” exclusively for new born girl child of the State born on or after 01st April, 2015. Objective To arrest the declining female sex ratio. To reduce the financial burden of the girl’s parents. To ensure that the girl child does not ...

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Get rewards for helping road accident victims “Good Samaritan Policy”: Delhi

Delhi government approved ‘Good Samaritan Policy’ under which monetary incentive of Rs 2,000 and appreciation certificate will be given to people who help road accident victims in the national capital. [tii_pullquote align=”right”]”Wherever there is a human being, there is an opportunity for kindness”[/tii_pullquote] Announcing the Cabinet’s decision, Deputy Chief Minister ...

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Rail Insurance Cover upto Rs.10 Lacs: Absolutely Free for you now!

[tii_pullquote]“In the age of Information, Ignorance can be a costly Affair” [/tii_pullquote] Indian Railways came up with a scheme of accident travel Insurance cover in September with bumper benefits upto Rs. 10 lacs. [tii_youtube url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GCe0woRhZjo”] We heard couple of news about accidents of derailing trains in past month. There were ...

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Start Your Poultry Farm in Goa

State Government of Goa has launched this scheme for development of poultry farms in the state. Due to self-sustainable nature of poultry farms, they are highly encouraged among the people. The key features of this scheme are enlisted below: Objective: To encourage farmer to go in for poultry production & ...

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Telangana: Poly House Plan Scheme

Poly Houses are protected structures made up of GI pipes covered with polythene, used for cultivation of high value horticulture crops. The Government of Telangana has launched a scheme on establishment of Poly Houses in Telangana under State Plan Schemes through the Department of Horticulture. Objectives: Enhancing productivity per unit ...

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Telangana: Girl Child Protection Scheme

The Girl Child Protection Scheme is aimed at preventing gender discrimination by empowering and protecting rights of girl children through direct investment from Telangana Government.This Scheme enhance status of girl child and promotes adoption of small family norm by ensuring holistic development of the girl child for a bright future ...

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