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Security concerns draw Japan, Australia and India closer


  • Ground Self-Defense Force are currently in northern Australia participating in the biennial Talisman Saber military exercise conducted between Australia and U.S.A.
  • It’s the first time Japan has joined the drills, and represents the latest tightening of relations between the two countries as the U.S. allies respond to the Asia-Pacific’s vexed security situation.
  • While the trajectory of the Japan-Australia relationship has intensified since Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s election in September 2013.
  • But Australia isn’t the only Asia-Pacific nation with which Japan has seen relations blossom: India, particularly under Prime Minister Narendra Modi, is another important partner.
  • Relations between Japan and India have been reinvigorated over the past 12 months by an alignment of the political stars.

Australia, Japan and India

  • Indeed, beyond personal qualities and close relationships at the head-of-state level, there’s a growing alignment of interests, values and concerns among Australia, Japan and India.
  • Trilateral cooperation is intended to support America’s presence in the Asia-Pacific and demonstrate a public commitment to international law, global norms and the established regional order.
  • The three countries cooperated on security matters alongside the U.S. in a mechanism called the Quadrilateral Security Dialogue.
  • Last month’s meeting between Australia, India and Japan is a step in the right direction.
  • Deepening such engagement through exercises and dialogues would provide a sound foundation on which the Quadrilateral Security Dialogue could be reconstituted at a later date.

Source:Defence News

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