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Scientists are aiming to make India a missile-proof country

  • Inspired from Archimedes heat ray, Indian scientists are working on the smartest military weapon of the 21st century.
  • This weapon is named after Hindu goddess KALI and scientifically KALI stands for ‘Kilo Ampere Linear Injector’.
  • This missile technology sets India to be a missile-proof country where no uninvited missiles could dare to touch Indian soil.
  • This weapon is designed to work in such a way that if an enemy missile is launched in Indian direction, it will quickly emit powerful pulses of Relativistic Electrons Beams (REB) and destroy the target in no time
  • Scientists say that KALI is far deadlier than so-called laser weapons as it emits a high-power microwaves to destroy incoming aircrafts and missiles.
  • It is believed that India had already conducted a successful test of the first phase of the KALI in 2012 when the world is dreaming to have such technology

Source: DefenceNews

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