Uttar Pradesh: Rural Backyard Poultry Development Program

Uttar Pradesh: Rural Backyard Poultry Development Program

scheme June 15, 2016 38 Views

Uttar Pradesh Govt. has launched a new program for strengthening existing State poultry farms so as to enable them to provide inputs, mainly in terms of providing improved stocks suitable for rural backyard rearing. The ‘Rural Backyard Poultry Development’ component is expected to cover the needy Below Poverty Line section of society to mainly enable them to gain supplementary income and nutritional support.


The objective of this program is to establish backyard poultry units in rural area and to establish mother unit for continuous supply of chicks to beneficiaries.


  • This plan is for beneficiaries of BPL category under which mother units are installed for feeding and nourishing chicks for a month.
  • Around 300 beneficiaries are associated with one mother unit.
  • Mother unit operator is given Rs. 50 per chick for raising chickens for one month.
  • Beneficiary is given 25 chicks in two stages (15+10) which are then nourished and fed by beneficiary.


  • A grant of Rs. 60,000 is given to Mother unit operator and an amount of Rs. 1.5 Lakh is put in the strengthening of mother unit.
  • Beneficiary can get employment along with income from egg and poultry meat production.

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