Uttar Pradesh- Kamdhenu Dairy Schemes

Uttar Pradesh- Kamdhenu Dairy Schemes

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In order to overcome the low availability of high yielding germ plasm animals, the Government of Uttar Pradesh has launched interest free Kamdhenu Dairy Scheme, which envisage establishment of dairy units of high yielding animals procured from outside the State.


  • To ensure production and availability of high quality milk producing animals in the State.
  • To develop high yielding milk producing animals` germ plasm center of excellence in the State.
  • To ensure availability of high milk yielding animals to the farmers in the State.

Salient  Features

  1. Each unit will consist of 25 upto 100 animals (Cows/Buffaloes) in milk.
  2. Cows will be only of either cross bred Jersey, or cross bred H.F. or Shahiwal breed, Buffaloes will be of Murrah breed only.
  3. Farmers/Beneficiaries will decide whether the unit will be of cows only or buffaloes only or a mixed of the two with whatever number. However the cows to be kept in a dairy unit will be of only one breed i.e. either all of the cross bred Jersey or cross bred H.F. or Sahiwal breed.
  4. All the animals under this scheme are to be purchased from outside the State.
  5. The beneficiary should have at least half Acre upto two Acres of Land, excluding the land required for construction of Sheds and Godowns etc.
  6. Minimum 25% of total unit cost is to be borne by the beneficiary from his own resources in the form of margin money and rest amount would come as loan from Bank.
  7. Interest at rate of 12% per year on loan amount taken from bank will be reimbursed by Government of Uttar Pradesh up to five years (60 Months)

Sub-Parts of Kamdhenu Dairy Scheme-

Sub-Parts/Attributes Kamdhenu Dairy Scheme Mini Kamdhenu Dairy Scheme


Micro Kamdhenu Dairy Scheme
Animal Strength per Unit 100 50 25
Minimum Land Requirement Two Acre One Acre Half Acre

Nodal Office: Department of Animal Husbandry, U.P.

Phone No. 0522-2742879

e-mail Address:┬á[email protected]