Pre-matric Scholarship Scheme

Pre-matric Scholarship Scheme

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Empowerment through education is the basic objective of this scheme. This scheme is formulated for uplifting the social-economic conditions of the minority community by creating potential required for employment.

About Scheme

This scheme is initiated for the welfare of meritorious students from minority communities. This scholarship will be awarded for students studying, from class  I  to  class  X,  in various  Government  institutes  or selected  private institutes.


  • 30% of scholarship will be earmarked for girl students.
  • Inter-se selection weightage is to be given to poverty rather than marks.
  • financial┬á assistance┬á will┬á be┬á provided┬á for┬á admission/tuition┬á fee┬á and┬á maintenance allowance
  • Scholarships┬á will┬á be┬á provided┬á for┬á the┬á entire┬á course whereas ┬áMaintenance┬á allowance┬á is set for 10 months in an academic year.
  • The┬á┬á scheme┬á┬á will┬á┬á be┬á┬á implemented┬á┬á through┬á┬á the┬á┬á State┬á┬á Government which will be supported by central government in 75:25 ratios


  • Scholarship┬á will┬á be┬á awarded┬á to┬á the┬á students┬á of┬á minority┬á community┬á studying┬á in Classes┬á I┬á to┬á X securing atleast 50% of marks in previous exams
  • Only two students from a family will be eligible for getting this scholarship
  • Student should attend the school regularly

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