Nirmal Gujarat Yojana: Gujarat Government

Nirmal Gujarat Yojana: Gujarat Government

scheme June 8, 2016 67 Views

To maintain and strengthen the class of village and its residents, Gujarat State has undertaken to maintain villages clean under ΓÇ£Nirmal Gujarat SchemeΓÇÙ. This includes of shifting of dunghills, construction of toilets etc. The major aspects that would be dealt in this scheme are enlisted below:

  1. APL Toilets:
    • Construction of toilets in villages.
  2. Scavenging Tax:
    • In view of scavenging work under sanitation, scavenging tax was introduced.
  3. Shifting of Dung-Hills:
    • Correspondence regarding shifting of Dung-Hills is made in this branch.
  4. Classification of Record:
    • Classification of files was entrusted under Nirmal Gujarat.
  5. Scavenging Work:
    • Installation of dust bins under this.
  6. Health Check Up:
    • Looking to the work of health check-up officers and employees & appointment of the same if deficient.
  7. Door to Door Collection:
    • As the name says it refers to the collection of garbage by going door to door.

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