Madhya Pradesh Sports Policy

Madhya Pradesh Sports Policy

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1. To ensure the talented players perform to their potential
2. Uplifting the standards of MP in National level competitions
3. Encouraging the youth to put their energy in right direction
4. To identify the talent of rural and tribal youth
About Scheme:-
Madhya Pradesh Sports Policy was introduced in 2005 with the motto to uplift the youth and the rank of the state in national level sports. Through this policy government wants to identify the hidden talent of rural and tribal areas and provide them with necessary guidance and support. Through this government ensured the overall developments of sports along with academic inputs.
Under this policy government is concentrating on
ΓÇó Development of infrastructure and various resources
ΓÇó Training the talented youth in right direction in order to perform according to the standards of National level Competitions
ΓÇó Establishing the co-ordination between academic instructions and state-level associations
ΓÇó Pooling of funds
ΓÇó Promoting and Motivating the youth
o Special examination will be conducted for those players who could not perform in their final examination if representing the state in National or Inter-National competitions
o The department will provide prizes & cash awards for players earning medals
o State Players will be given an additional marks if they are seeking admission in professional institutions i.e. medical, engineering etc, basing on the last three years performance and medals earned. This benefit will be given only once.
o Gold medal holders in various National and Inter-national Sports will be given appointment in Govt. service based on their qualification
o State players will be given with medical treatment equivalent to Govt. officers.
o Honararium of worth Rs. 5,000/- P. M.if the players represented the country and earned one medal in recognised competitions and are above the age of 55 five years .

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