Health Benefit to Artisans: Shilpi Swastha Bima Yojana

Health Benefit to Artisans: Shilpi Swastha Bima Yojana

scheme November 4, 2016 12 Views

Handicraft sector is important part for rural economy. Handicraft started as a part time activity in the rural areas, however it has now transformed into a flourishing economic activity due to significant market demand over the years. Seeing this Government of India has come up with the Rajiv Gandhi Shilpi Swastha Bima Yojana.


Financially enable the artisansΓÇÕ community to access to the healthcare facilities


  • All Handicraft Artisans in India


  • Financial Assistance to Artisans.

How to Apply:

  • The artisans seeking enrollment under the scheme has to register with the Office of the Development Commissioner (Handicrafts) for issuance of Identity Card.
  • If not registered as yet, then the artisan can file an application for issuance of I-Card to the nearest Handicrafts Marketing & Service Extension Centre and can mention ΓÇ£Applied ForΓÇÙ in the application for enrollment under the Scheme.
  • Registration Fee of Rs. 30.

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