Dhanalakshmi Scheme- A Conditional Cash Transfer Scheme for Girl Child

Dhanalakshmi Scheme- A Conditional Cash Transfer Scheme for Girl Child

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Name of the scheme: Dhanalakshmi Scheme

Purpose: This is a conditional cash transfer scheme for the girl child with insurance cover which would go a long way towards ensuring the survival of the girl child and assuring a better life for her. The direct and tangible objective of the scheme is to provide a set of financial incentives for families to encourage them to retain a girl child, educate her and prevent child marriage.

Eligibility Criteria:

The scheme provides for cash transfers to the family of the girl child (preferably to the mother) on fulfilling certain specific conditions:

  • All girls born after 19 November 2008 are eligible, after registration of birth
  • Girls who are on immunization
  • On enrolment in school and retention in school till Standard 8
  • An insurance maturity cover will be taken for the girl child born after 19 November 2008 and if the girl child remains unmarried till the age of 18 years, she will get Rs. 1 lakh.
  • Each condition like registration of birth, immunization, school enrolment and retention, insurance (maturity) cover are independent of each other and cannot be applied for retrospective fulfilment of conditionality. For example, if a girl is in Standard 2, she will be eligible for cash transfer from Standard 2 onwards and will not be eligible for cash transfers related to her birth and registration of birth, immunization, enrolment and retention in Standard 1.
  • The scheme will apply to all girl children irrespective of their socio-economic status and the number of girl children in the family.
  • The scheme will apply only to those girls who have domicile status in the selected blocks

Financial benefits:

Conditions Amount (in Rs.)
All girl children born after 19 November, 2008 and registered 5000
In 6 weeks 200
In 14 weeks 200
In 9 months 200
In 16 months 200
In 24 months 200
On completion of full immunization 250
On enrolment to Primary  School 1000
In class 1 + attendance 500
In class 2 + attendance 500
In class 3 + attendance 500
In class 4 + attendance 500
In class 5 + attendance 500
On enrolment to Secondary School
In class 6 + attendance 750
In class 7 + attendance 750
In class 8 + attendance 750
Insurance Maturity Cover 1 Lakh if the child remain unmarried till 18 years of age

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