Defence Welfare Schemes by Punjab Govt

Defence Welfare Schemes by Punjab Govt

scheme July 1, 2016 22 Views

Government of Punjab introduced various welfare schemes for defence personnels and for their families such as transport allowances, war jagir, tube well connection, etc. It also provides basic computer education to Ex-servicemen widows and their wards for their gainful employment through the Sainik Vocational Training Centres being run at District Level and HQ at Chandigarh.


  1. Grants and financial assistance to the families of the martyr/disabled defence personnels.
  2. Provides War Jagir  to the families whose son/sons serve in defence forces of the country
  3. Provides financial assistance to ex-servicemen suffering from chronic diseases like T.B., Cancer and major surgeries,  out of the Punjab Amalgamated Fund
  4. Organises Flag Day Fund collection and helps the ex-servicemen with aids
  5. Reservation of seats in Educational Institutions for defence personnel wards Schemes Eligibility Benefits
1. DaughterΓÇÕs marriage grant Orphan daughter of Ex-servicemen.

Daughter of disabled Ex-servicemen including Officers who are in receipt of Disability pension.

Financial Assistance towards Daughter’s Marriage Grant (Rs. 25000/-)
2. Transport allowances War Widows of 1948, 1962, 1965 & 1971 Wars Rs. 500 per month.
3. Old age pension Ex-Servicemen/Widows of Ex-Servicemen of World War-II above the age of 65 years who are not in receipt of any pension Rs. 300/- per month upto 28/05/2006

Rs.500/- per month w.e.f 29/5/2006

Rs.1000/- per month w.e.f 29/01/2008

Rs.2000/- per month w.e.f 14/02/2013

4. War Jagir Father or where the father is dead to the mother:-

  • Whose only son or child.
  • Whose only two sons or two children.
Rs.1200/- P.A upto 30.09.2004

Rs.5000/- P.A. w.e.f 01.10.2004

Rs.10000/- P.A. w.e.f 28.06.2013

5. Tube well connection All Ex-servicemen/Widows (Pensioner or Non Pensioner), serving soldiers are eligible For availing priority benefit in connection with getting Tube well Connection

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