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River Valley Project and Flood Prone River Scheme

River Valley Project and Flood Prone River Scheme was launched by the Govt. Of Madhya Pradesh.It aims at the conservation and protection of natural resources.


  • Prevention of Land degradation by adoption of multi-disciplinary integrated approach in the catchment areas.
  • Improvement of land Capability and moisture regime in the watersheds.
  • Promotion of land use to match land capability.
  • Prevention of soil loss from the catchments to reduce siltation in the reservoirs.
  • People’s involvement in the management of catchments.
  • Up gradation of skills in planning and execution of land development programmes in the catchment areas.


  • Minimise the occurrences of floods.
  • Assistance from Govt. for Construction of stores ,labs, camp huts.
  • Development of Infrastructure.
  • Protection of the Biodiversity.


  • General public and Farmers of the state of Madhya Pradesh can Avail the scheme.

How to avail:

    People can contact:

Department Of Farmer Welfare and Agriculture Development,

Govt. Of Madhya Pradesh.

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