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Railway parcel booking now fully online


  • An online Parcel Management System (PMS) is being introduced by the Waltair Division of East Coast Railway (ECoR) in association with CRIS to bring in greater transparency in the booking and delivery of parcels.
  • Unlike earlier, now the details are being fed into the computer and system-generated receipts are being issued.
  • Once the weight of the goods and train number are fed into computer, the rates are automatically generated and the parcel clerk has no discretion in deciding the rates.
  • Electronic weighing scales have been requisitioned and they will be installed after the Godavari Pushkarams.
  • Once the train number is fed into the system, the system would immediately show whether parcel booking is available for the destination station.
  • In the next phase, hand-held ‘bar coding’ terminals will be introduced.
  • The bar codes will be affixed on the parcels and the details could be known in a jiffy.

Source:The Hindu

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