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Railroads to setup mobile application “Clean My Coach” for carriages to be scavenged


  • Soon we would be able to get our railway coach cleaned in a matter of minutes by lodging a complaint online. In line with Modi government’s ‘Swachh Bharat’ mission, the railways is to launch ‘Clean My Coach’ mobile app for all long-distance trains.
  • Once operational, a passenger can file an online complaint which will be attended within 15 minutes.
  • After successful testing of the scheme in Central Railways, the transporter plans to extend it to long routes across the country. It will ensure speedy cleaning of coaches or toilets in long-distance trains which have housekeeping facilities on-board.
  • Most of the long distance trains have housekeeping staff on board, but passengers are often not able to trace them in a moving train.


  • Rail travelers can file complaints either on the website or the app which can be downloaded on mobile phones.
  • According to the system developed by Central Railways, passengers have to just feed in their PNR number on the mobile app to register complaints related to their coach.
  • Soon after a passenger lodges complaint, an SMS with details of the coach and berth number will be forwarded to an attendant on the train instantly. Once the complaint is attended to, the attendant will have to seek an acknowledgement from the complainant.
    Source:The Economic Times

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