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UP: Post Matric Student Scholarship Scheme

Educational development of weak sections of society is the key of their all round development. In this view UP Govt. provides scholarships to the SC/ST and BPL general category students studying in senior secondary classes (11th & 12th) and professional courses. Govt. will also provide reimbursement for admission fees to SC/ST students studying in Engineering College, Medical College or Management Institution or in any other university/college.


  • Any SC/ST category student studying in post matric classes (11th & 12th) or in professional course.
  • Any general category student living below poverty line and studying in post matric classes or professional course is eligible for this scheme.
  • Annual income of parents of students should be less than Rs. 1 Lakhs.


For providing Scholarships and benefits students are divided into 4 categories:

Sr. No.

Category Rates


Non Residential


Category 1

Rs. 740 per month

Rs. 330 per month


Category 2 Rs. 510 per month

Rs. 330 per month

3. Category 3 Rs. 355 per month

Rs. 185 per month

4. Category 4 Rs. 235 per month

Rs. 140 per month

For More Info Regarding Categories and Reimbursement: Click Here

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