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PM Modi recognizes citizenry on first International Yoga Day


  • Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday joined thousands practising yoga at the Rajpath here and said the InternationalYoga Day on June 21 was the start of a new era for training the human mind for peace and harmony.
  • Speaking at a function marking the start of International Yoga Day here at the Rajpath, Modi said yoga is not only an exercise to make the body flexible but a path for inner development.
  • He also greeted people on International Yoga Day asking for a pledge to make it an integral part of life.
  • India is leading 191 countries to mark the day with over 35,000 participants performing various yoga ‘asanas’ at a mega event on Rajpath in New Delhi. Diplomats from 152 foreign missions had been been invited to take part in the event.
  • The organisers at Rajpath have applied for a Guinness record for the largest simultaneous assembly of people at a yoga event.
  • The Guinness record is currently held by Vivekananda Kendra which organised a yoga event in which 29,973 people participated in Gwalior on November 19, 2005.

Source:Business Standard

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