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PC: artandculture.goa.gov.in
PC: artandculture.goa.gov.in

Organisations of Camps/Courses/Cultural Shows: Goa


The scheme provides for conduct of Courses, Festivals, Camps, for students, teachers, youths in the state to develop their talent and impart training in Arts, Crafts, Classical Music, Dance & Instruments, etc. During a year four to five such programmes are undertaken.


  • The teachers/students/youths having aptitude and interest in learning art and attaining training are allowed to participate in this programme.
  • The teachers/students recommended by the Head of the Institution are allowed to participate or by direct application.
  • The youths interested in participating should have experience of involvement in various social activities.

Procedure to avail the benefits

  • When the programme of Camps/Courses/Festivals are fixed, the announcement of the same will be made in the press for inviting the willingness to participate.
  • Circulars to educational institutions are also issued for deputation of teachers, students whenever the Regular Orientation, Refresher Courses, Camps are planned in and outside the state.
  • Applications from youth are also invited by way of announcement in local dailies to participate in the Camps organized in the state and also for deputation outside.
  • The individuals interested have to submit their details in the prescribed form available in the office of the directorate.

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