Top 5 Government Schemes to fund your New Business

Top 5 Government Schemes to fund your New Business

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Setting up new business is like chasing a dream which requires lot of patience and hard work.

Real problems which are faced by every entrepreneur are financial constraints, finding new market for the product or competing with the existing market, efficient use of available resources and understanding the need of the customer. So to promote the spirit of entrepreneurship, Central Government has several schemes to help new businesses and The Indian Iris  bring you top 5 Government Schemes that will help your new business in many ways.   

1) Get Loan upto Rs 25 lacs for Your Business Under PMEGP Under this Scheme Ministry of Small and Medium Enterprise provides loan upto Rs. 25 Lacs for your new business.


This scheme aims to create employment opportunities both in urban and rural areas through setting up of ventures, projects, self employment Micro Enterprises.

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2) Scheme for Providing Financial Assistance For Marketing Support– Ministry of Micro,Small & Medium Enterprises, Govt of India has started this Scheme for enhancing the marketing capabilities of the Start ups.┬á


Marketing is the ultimate tool that will drive your product and company to the right audience. So make the best out of this Scheme.

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3) Loan upto Rs 1 Crore for your budding Business Idea- This is a scheme by Ministry of Small & Medium Enterprises, Govt. of India, to provide funding to new Entrepreneurs to develop the culture of Entrepreneurship in India. This Scheme ΓÇ£ASPIREΓÇÙ is particularly for Agri industry entrepreneurs.


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4) Technology Upgradation Scheme- Technology is transforming businesses across the globe and is behind the success of Thriving businesses. So this scheme by MSME can prove to be a boon for your business if you are starting afresh.

touch screen graph on a tablet
touch screen graph on a tablet

This Scheme is known as ΓÇ£Capital Subsidy Support on Credit for Technology UpgradationΓÇÙ and provides Financial assistance for availing credit and loan for technology upgradation.

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5) Get Credit facilities upto Rs. 1 croreThe Credit Guarantee Fund Trust for Small Industries, have a Scheme called ΓÇ£Credit Guarantee Fund SchemeΓÇÙ for the purpose of providing guarantees in respect of credit facilities to borrowers. Avail the benefits out of this Scheme start hassle free.


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