Integration of mandis and market committees in 8 states to the tune of 21 mandis under e-platform

Integration of mandis and market committees in 8 states to the tune of 21 mandis under e-platform

news April 14, 2016 17 Views

On the occasion of 125th birthday of Sri Ambedkar, Mr. Narendra Modi has launched ΓÇÌNational Agriculture Market(NAM)ΓÇÕ. Under this program 585 approximately across India, organized market yards and market committees will be integrated and brought under a ┬ásingle e-platform and a unified market will be established. ┬áThough there are 7000 market yard pan-India but 585 regulated markets are going to be covered under this program in future. The main objective of this program is to curb hoarding, facilitating the farmer to get a competitive and reasonable price for his produce and to ensure the consumer a stable supply at a standardized price. All the transactions will be done on ΓÇô line, in a transparent way. As a beginning 21 Mandis in 8 selected states will be covered under this program. Those states are Gujarat, Telangana, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Utter Pradesh, Haryana, Jharkhand and Himachal Pradesh. Initially 12 agriculture products will be covered but it will extended to other products soon. Those products are ┬áBlack gram, ┬áCastor seed, paddy, wheat, maize, turmeric, onion, mustard, mahua flower, tamarind, and shelling pea.

The present markets will be continued. The transaction cost will be much lower to domestic physical markets. No physical stocks will be moved in on-line trading but quality certifying will be done. No multiple licenses are required but on a single license the trade can be done across all the markets. Levy will be at single point only.

The Minister for agriculture expecting a good crop during 2016-17 when compares to its previous year. He also clarified that crop production will be compared to the production of previous year only but not to 2013-14, the year in which the country got bumper agricultural production,




Courtesy :  Economic Times