Digitization of Museum: Ministry of Culture

Digitization of Museum: Ministry of Culture

news October 3, 2016 18 Views

Ministry of Culture has initiated a scheme for  Digitization of  Document of the antiquities in the museums in various parts of the country. We know that in most of the museums, status of documentation is not up to the mark and details of antiquities available in the museums are only available in physical form .Therefore this scheme will aim at developing a National Database of all art objects and antiquities available with the Museums at various levels.


To Provide Financial Support to Digitized Museum Database.


  • All museums under the State Governments
  • Registered Societies
  • Voluntary institutions, trusts and NGOΓÇÕs which are registered under the Indian Societies Act of 1860.


  • Financial Assistance to the State.
  • Digitization of Museum Database through servers.

How to Apply:

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Address- Section officer, Museum-I Section Room No 333 A-C wing, Shastri Bhawan, New Delhi-110115 Phone No: 23387108.

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