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New India Top Up Mediclaim

New India Top Up Mediclaim

The New India Top Up Mediclaim is a personal insurance policy owned by the Government of India. The policy covers various features. These are-

  • Covers In- Patient Hospitalisation expenses incurred in India
  • The policy will respond only when the aggregate of all hospitalisation expenses (except pre/post hospitalization expenses) of one or all members of the policy exceeds the threshold stated in the policy
  • The policy will respond for each and every hospitalization after the threshold has been exceeded by previous hospitalization expenses subject to the Sum Insured stated in the policy
  • The Sum Insured is the maximum liability of the company for all members of the policy
  • The policy offers protection in excess of any Primary Health Policy/Benefit scheme that the Insured may have
  • If there is any expense in excess of threshold, receivable from any other entity, the Insured person has an option to recover it from either that entity or this policy
  • The Sum Insured under the policy will be available over and above any reimbursement received from any other entity if such amounts exceed the threshold


  • Proposer must be between the age of 18-65 years
  • Other members can be between the age of 3 months-65 years

How to Apply:

  • Proposal form duly completed and signed and details of Insured persons
  • The details of existing and previous Health Insurance policies in respect of each Insured person are to be provided without any fail in the proposal form along with claim history
  • Signed copy of prospectus


Valid for one year from the date of inception

For Details: Click Here

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