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Net neutrality report expected soon in next week


  • The telecom department’s report on ‘net neutrality’ is said to have recommended disallowing the controversial zero rating plans.
  • The government could make an exemption for delivery of essential government services.
  • The policy on net neutrality must promote competition and encourage startup culture in the country.
  • ISPs, should be disallowed from using ‘traffic management’ as a technique to slow down certain content.

FCC and others:

  • The Federal Communications Commission had slapped a $100-million fine on AT&T alleging the telecom giant was intentionally slowing down internet speeds to its unlimited data subscribers after they consumed a certain amount of data.
  • The DoT committee, met over 45 organisations and telecom service providers as well as various public interest groups before submitting the report.
  • The launch of Bharti Airtel’s  Zero plan caused a furore, especially on social media.
  • Critics say such a plan gives a clear advantage to bigger content providers who can afford to pay, against those who cannot.

Official’s Statement:

  • Any policy on net neutrality should ensure interconnection between ISPs, cellular providers and app makers, and the government should intervene only when needed.
  • Government’s policy on net neutrality must protect the online privacy of individuals and data protection.
  • In order to implement the policy on net neutrality the government will have to strictly monitor the quality of standards of the networks.

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