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Navigation system Gagan to ease landing in airports


  • The GPS-Aided Geo Augmented Navigation, or Gagan, can allow as many as 50 aircraft to safely operate in airspace that two planes take at present.
  • It can also help ease landing in airports that are poorly lit and do not have instrument landing systems.
  • India, which spent Rs 774 crore to develop the system indigenously, launched it on July 13 with little fanfare.
  • One of the advantages will be during landings, because the distance between planes approaching the runway in congested airports like Delhi can be reduced significantly.
  • Gagan is much more precise in informing about the location of the plane than the radar-based system most of the world still uses.
  • The Indian government invested Rs 378 crore in the project, while the AAI put in Rs 226 crore and the remaining Rs 170 crore came from ISRO.
  • While the system is up and running, it is not compulsory for airlines to adopt it yet.


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