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MP Govt.’s Weaving Training Programme


For resurrection of power loom industries in state & training new power loom weavers for development so that there will be a proper increment in number of trained workers & trained individual shall get employment in power loom industries. The implementation of this plan will be through power loom service centers operated by Government of India or sponsored by Government of India. Trained weaver can also establish their own power loom service centers.


Powerloom service centers which are either operated by Indian Govt. or sponsored by Indian Govt. are eligible for financial assistance to operate weaving training programme.

Financial Assistance:

  • For Power loom Service Centers:

Buildings for power loom service centers will be arranged by State Government. In case building is not arranged then State Government will provide financial grant for rent of building according to rent rates fixed by District Officer.

  • Scholarships for Trainees:

Trainees will be provided scholarship of Rs. 250 per trainee per month during training session. This scholarship grant amount will be safely reserved by the District Assistant Director and will be provided by him to power loom service centers for scholarship payment.

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