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Maybe India should consider the Eurofighter?


  • India had been proclaiming the Rafale the “best aircraft for India” for some 5 years by 2011 and declared it the L1 bidder in the tender for the 126 MMRCA with the Eurofighter Typhoon as the L2.
  • India negotiated purchase price with the L1 bidder because those were the rules of the tender, where the price has increased so much that India has scrapped the tender and is considering buying 36 aircraft now with France.
  • If India actually places the order then France will not be able to make the delivery anytime soon.
  • Eurofighter Typhoon is still the same as 2011 i.e. it has no export orders.
  • The Eurofighter is a consortium and they obviously are not thrilled at the idea that the Rafale is getting all these export orders while the Typhoon has got none so far.
  • So this leads to the obvious question of why India does not buy the Typhoon instead of or in addition to the Rafale.
  • So India is reaching a point where it seems the best choice is to buy something from every single vendor.
  • India already buys aircraft from Russia, France, USA.
  • India needs to open itself to the possibility of multiple combat aircraft occupying the same role, with the belief that the defense needs are so high that there is room for multiple aircraft to co-exist and still be economically viable.

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