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Kerala State Insurance Scheme


Providing financial security to the insured and to his dependants in case of unforeseen misshapen  in the life of the insured.


The state government of Kerala has established a separate commercial department to look after the insurance business. It has got registered with IRDA on Payment of stipulated fees. The department has formulated number of policies to compete with other insurance companies in the field.  The schemes are discussed here under in brief.

  1. Group Insurance Scheme – It is a contributory self financing insurance scheme. The dependants in case of death of the employee or a lump sum will be paid to the employee on retirement.
  2. Life Insurance Policy – Depending on the cadre of the employee the minimum amount of premium is fixed under this scheme. The risk depends on the sum insured.

Eligibility :

All the state government employees who are on regular pay roles and the organizations affiliated to the state government like staff of schools  who are being run with government aid . Casual workers are not eligible for this benefit.

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