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India will outperform emerging markets this year acc to Morgan Stanley Survey

India is expected to outperform emerging markets in the whole of 2016 according to a survey conducted by Morgan Stanley but however, there is a growing dilemma among investors regarding the country compared to last year.

  • However, in the survey, 52% respondents said that they expected the country to outperform other emerging markets this year, while 85% gave the same response last year.
  • The world in this year will continue to have a sluggish growth and the current health of global economy has prompted a risk which thereby has resulted in reluctance among global investors who had withdrawn money from riskier assets including India and have moved to much safer gold and developed world bonds.
  • But from the survey of Stanley Morgan it is known that a majority of investors from around the world still believes Indian economy to shine bright despite the present global financial bubble. The Sensex has increased b 10% after the Union Budget was presented on 29th of February.
  • Foreign investors have driven in around Rs. 13,000 crore into Indian equities after making a withdrawal of Rs. 26,200 crore in the first two months of 2016 and market earnings have been hailed as a key driver of market performance for the third time in a row.

(Source: TOI)

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