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India, Bangladesh complete historic enclave swap


  • At the stroke of midnight, 14,214 citizens of Bangladesh, who had been residing in 51 enclaves within India, became Indians.
  • It’s an independence that has come late, but arrived nonetheless.
  • At the same time, 111 Indian enclaves in Bangladesh merged with that country.
  • Of the 37,000 living there, 979 have opted to move to India.
  • The total number of new Indian citizens will be 15,193.
  • Centre has to make an official gazette notification incorporating the new territory in India.
  • The Cooch Behar administration has arranged temporary camps to accommodate the 900-odd enclave dwellers who have opted to come over to India.


  •  People would be temporarily issued multiple entry visas to allow them visitation rights to the country whose nationality they have opted for.
  • People were being allowed to revise their nationality options a second time.


  • There are many people in Bangladesh who had land in the Bangladeshi enclaves on the Indian side and the government may acquire the land and distribute them among the new settlers.
  • Formally, 7,110 acres of land are set to be added to India, in addition to 2,777 acres that are part of the adverse possessions.
  • The only way the problem can be resolved in the coming days is by declaring these newly acquired areas as reserved areas.

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