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Income Generating Program In Rajasthan

Rajasthan State Literacy Mission Authority has introduced Income Generating Training Program for illiterate individuals and this program aims at following objectives:

  • To impart neo-literates relevant skill development programs to improve their earning and living conditions.
  • To promote a learning society by providing opportunities to neo-literate adults for continuing education.

Activities to be organized:

  • Demand generated vocational training camps will be organized by experts wherein participants acquire and upgrade their vocational skills and take up income generation activities.
  • These camps will include making of various handicraft articles, using easily and locally available raw materials like cloth, leather, metal, wood, etc.
  • The sales of products made income activities are ensured during the exhibition-cum-sale at district and state levels which helps to increase the self-confidence among the women.
  • Self help groups will also be formed during the training and income generation activities. Self help groups aim at socio-economic upliftment and open a path for the empowerment for women.
  • The groups engage in bank loaning activities to promote self sufficiency among women.
  • Ajmer is one of the nine districts of India linked up with “micro finance to macro enterprise” project to provide employment.

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