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Gujarat State Disaster Management Policy

Gujarat has been prone to disasters which have caused extensive damage to human life and properties, over the years. Gujarat Govt. has introduced a policy which fulfills a need for proactive, comprehensive and sustained approach to disaster management and that articulate its vision and strategy for disaster management in Gujarat.


  • To establish necessary system, structures, programs, research, capabilities and guiding principles for reducing disaster risks, rehabilitation, reconstruction, to reduce environment damages, to avoid disruption of economic activity.
  • To develop and maintain arrangements for accessing resources, equipment supplies and funding in preparation for disasters that might occur.
  • To create awareness and to provide training to agencies involved in disaster management.
  • To provide relief/assistance to the affected without any discrimination of caste, creed, community or sex.

Nodal Agency:

Gujarat State Disaster Management Authority will work as nodal agency in overall framework for disaster management in the state.

Beneficiaries and Their Eligibility:

  • Any agency who is working for risk management before, during and after disaster.
  • Any individual who lives in the state of Gujarat.
  • Local authorities, industries and enterprises operating in disaster prone area.


  • Training to individuals and various agencies.
  • Medical Assistance to disaster affected people.
  • Calamity relief fund for rehabilitation, relief and reconstruction activities.
  • Loans and financial grants for services.
  • Relief packages including details relating to collection, allocation and disbursal of fund to affected people.
  • Assistance to restore houses and dwellings.

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