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PC: firemedproject.eu

Funding for Organizing Awareness Programmes on Energy Efficiency

Ministry of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises, Govt of India has come up with a Scheme of Funding for Organizing Awareness Programs on Energy Efficiency. Energy efficiency workshops will be conducted in MSME clusters. The awareness programme will normally be of one day duration with the participation of at least 30 MSMEs. This scheme is under the Scheme for Technology and Quality Upgradation (TEQUP) Support to MSMEs of NMCP (National Manufacturing Competitiveness Programme).


The primary objective of this Activity is to handhold the MSME clusters in adopting energy efficient processes.


Expert organizations like PCRA, BEE,TERI, IITs, NITs etc. or State Govt. agencies like MITCON, GEDA etc., and the autonomous bodies of Central/State Govt are eligible to apply for funding support.


Funding support for organizing training and awareness activities on energy efficiency.

How to apply:

You can contact your near MSME-DI to apply. You can apply online also.

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