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Under Modi, India Forging Strong Global Ties

At a time when the whole world is converging as a small community, maintaining good relations with neighboring and foreign countries becomes imperative. Mr Modi, ever since taking charge as Prime Minister of India, has given a new dimension to the way world looks at India. The whole native as well as foreign communities residing outside India are euphoric about the rise of India on the global stage. They are positively responding to the proactive efforts of Mr Modi to reach out to them and build lasting relationships. Foreign relations are critical for economic stability of any country, which the current government understands well. Mr Modi seems to have got priorities right. We provide a quick summary of Modi’s foreign visit and what these trips brought to India.

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June 16- June 17: Bhutan
July 13 - July 16: Brazil
August 3 - August 4: Nepal
August 30 - September 3: Japan
September 26 - September 30: United States
November 11 - November 13: Myanmar
November 14 - November 18 : Australia
November 19: Fiji
November 25 - November 27 : Nepal
March 10-March 11: Seychelles
March 11-March 13: Mauritius

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