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CVC evokes penalization for ‘motivated’ ills of corruption


  • Central Vigilance Commissioner (CVC) KV Chowdary on Thursday advocated penal provisions for people who file “motivated and vexatious complaints” of corruption against government employees.
  • Supporting systematic technological and procedural changes to check corruption, KV Chowdary said the Central Vigilance Commission will change nothing happens attitude from the minds of corrupt people by taking stern action against them.
  • Motivated and vexatious complaints will to be checked. There will to be some penal provisions to deter them.
  • There are complaints of alleged corruption, anonymous and pseudonymous, against an officer being considered for appointment or promotion. As per government’s policy, no action is taken on anonymous complaint but those with verifiable facts are looked into.
  • Steps would be taken to standardise government process so that people are not forced to give bribe or resort to other means.
  • KV Chowdary said,they would like to bring some systematic advises so that people whose work needs to be done, there work will be done without they having to facing any kind of improper or illegal moves.


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