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PC: thehindu
PC: thehindu

Construction of Community Hall Sheds For Fishermen: Goa

Department of Fisheries, Goa Government, has envisaged a scheme for native fishermen of Goa to grant them financial aid for construction of community hall sheds.


All fishermen of a community can meet for a specific purpose or recreational activities.


  • Government will construct Community Hall/Work shed as a recreation and common working place in a Fishermen Village having at least 75 houses.
  • The Hall/Shed area to be constructed shall not exceed 200 sq. mtrs.


  • The Community Hall/Shed shall have 2 toilets separately for ladies and gents on the constructed area not exceeding 200 sq. mtrs.
  • The total cost of the hall should be upto Rs.1,75,000.

How to Apply

The beneficiaries who wish to avail facility under this scheme may approach to the Directorate of Fisheries, Panaji – Goa.

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