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China proposes railway line to link Tibet with India, Nepal


  • China has proposed a trilateral economic corridor with India through Nepal and a railway line linking the three nations via Tibet.
  • The India-Nepal-China Corridor is a major initiative to promote the connectivity in the region especially between China and India.
  • India and China need to work together for the process of reconstruction of Nepal and we need to setup a joint study group to explore the feasibility of the Corridor.
  • If nations can reach an agreement on feasibility all 3 are ready to push forward the Corridor as it will bring benefit to the three countries.
  • While the recent earthquake in Nepal reminded about the vulnerabilities of the region a joint study can work out how to deal with it.
  • China also dropped the much publicized plan to construct a high speed rail link through Mt. Everest.
  • China is in discussions with India about the projects for reconstruction of Nepal to rebuild it.

Source:The Economic Times

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