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Centre to scale up Karnataka’s e-Mandi pattern to national level


  • An e-market in Karnataka has been so successful that the NDA government is setting aside politics and holding up the Congress-ruled state’s programme as a model for all others.
  • Agriculture Minister Radha Mohan Singh told that he is taking a delegation from 21 states to Hubli to “see, learn and replicate” the Karnataka system in their states.
  • The delegation, including ministers from all political parties, is coming on Thursday and Friday.
  • Centre also has big plans to connect farmers and traders from across the country on the National Agriculture Market, an e-platform.
  • Singh said there is a need for uniformity in levies and licenses across the country, so that trading can happen as per a single law and a single marketing policy.


  • Karnataka has connected all its major 55 markets and has set up a web-enabled portal that records all the lots of products available for sale.
  • Each of the state’s 30,000 traders have been given a username and password.
  • The e-market platform also allows bilateral trade and fixed price, like the minimum support price given by the government.

Source:The Economic Times

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