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Centre cleared Vizag’s Bhogapuram airdrome file


  • The Union government has given technical approval to the greenfield Vizag international airport that is slated to come up on the outskirts of the city at Bhogapuram in Vizianagaram district.
  • The airport requires around 5,040 acres of land, much of which will be acquired from the 10 villages and associated hamlets in and around Bhogapuram.
  • As many as 10,241 residents living in and around the area will have to be evacuated and around 2,500 houses will be built in the neighbouring region for them.


  • Most of the government land will be acquired in the Bhogapuram-Pusapatirega area.
  • 3402.55 acres of private agricultural land will also be acquired for the project along with 470 acres of non-agricultural land that is privately held.
  • As for government land, the acreage of the assigned land that will be acquired is 370.87 acres, while the acreage of non-assigned land is 1167.47 acres.
  • The villages where the core project is slated to come up are Bhogapuram East (627 acres), Chakivalasa (487 acres), Munjeru (1626 acres), Jagayyapeta (10.87 acres), Kongavanipalem (805.55 acres), Kancheru (118 acres), Gudepuvalasa (1112 acres), and A Ravivalasa (253 acres).

Source:The Times Of India

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