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Strategies via SoNet sites for communication with citizenry


  • PM Narendra Modi has had twitter chats with a diverse group of people from the chairman of the World Bank to singer Asha Bhonsle during his first one year of governance.
  • During one of the meetings in May this year, the PM had casually said he was getting many mentions on Twitter, but wasn’t able to respond to as many.
  • Hence,PM’s digital team drawing up plans for more interactions on social media platforms in the coming year, including a continuing presence on Weibo.
  • The team will identify the most interesting tweets and the PM may choose to engage with them.This is seen as an extension of the PM’s habit of interacting with hundreds of people in a day, this time through twitter.
  • In a normal week, the PM reaches two crore people through Facebook. His report card in graphic form, posted on Facebook, got clicked by 1.5 million people, his jugalbandi video in Dantewada was responded to by 2.1 million people, while the selfie with Chinese Premier Li reached more than 15 million people.
  • The selfie, as per his digital team, was a spontaneous idea by the PM during a break in the Yoga-Taichi event in Beijing. With figures like this, topping it is an issue, which is why increased interaction, and more posting of videos on Facebook and Twitter is being planned. What’s more, his engagement on the Chinese twitter clone Weibo is going to continue.

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