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Bangalore Police to arrest parents of under-age drivers


  • Unlicensed, underage motorists are a big threat to the already worsening traffic condition in our country leading to thousands of road accidents every year.
  • Bangalore Police are planning to recommend to the regional transport offices (RTOs) to cancel licences of such parents.
  • The worst part is when children take two-wheelers out during nights when they gather in groups and start racing or performing stunts.
  • Recently, the High Court of Karnataka has asked the police to book parents for minors riding/driving and under section 184, parents can be sent to jail for six months or fined up to Rs 1,000, or both.
  • The police have resorted to this stringent approach as the minors cannot be booked under the law, so they have decided to book their parents.
  • Police are going to seize the vehicle when minors are caught riding/driving.
  • Police will call the owner of the vehicle and seize the driving licence and vehicle’s registration certification book until the case is over.

Source: Bangalore Mirror

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